Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Keep active and run this summer

Running is by far the best cardio exercise along with swimming.. then again swimming might be better considering you have the added force of water and you use your whole body so who knows which is better but what I do know that either one of these can keep your heart healthy and prevent from cardio diseases which can kill.
Be prepared when you go on a run this summer make sure you know where your running to so you dont get lost.. make sure you wear a good pair of running insoles for your run so to stop foot cramps and other problems.. foot cramp whilst in a  middle of a run is the worst.

Keep active and stay healthy that is my moto and is far more important than anything else.

The public are slaves

The public are virtually slaves to the elite rich who run society. Society is controlled by convention and social order... but how is this influenced? By culture and culture is mainly powered by the media... and who controls the media and information available on the internet the rich that's who.. And the way the are doing it makes it impossible for others to speak out and be heard. Monopoly's like google rules over the internet and on the tv subliminal messages are poured into the minds of the general public. It is destroying democracy if democracy really did exist in the first place which i doubt it... Democracy CREATES THE ILLUSION THAT YOU ARE WORKING FOR YOURSELF WHEN REALLY YOU ARE SIMPLY JUST WORKING FOR THE RICH. the economy is stagnant at the moment real economic wouldn't make this happen but because the economy id a fix to cement the wealth of the elite it means that instead of new business taking the places of old ones that are now going under its the opposite where old business stay in power and drag everything down with them until they have found a solution.. Doesn't sound very fair to me now does it.. Don't be fooled by the lie which is democracy and capitalism.

Pinhole glasses do they really work?

Pinhole glasses do work i have tried them out myself with a pair a friend bought me. I can say wioth great certainity that my vision has imporved since i started wearing them a month or so ago.. each day I put these pinhole glasses on whilst i watch tv at night for 30 mintues... since i have been doing this my vision has been getting more and more clearer even when i dont have the pinhole glasses on during the day time... Well if they worked for me whats to say they carnt work for you too.

Where to buy pinhole glasses.. well my friend bought my pair as a gift from Nuovahealth... They are run by health care pros so they know what they are doing and wouldnt sell you anthing that doesnt work...

Why is it improtant to eat healthy

Junk food can do more damage than good.. but this is obviously a very well known fact but a fact that many do not take seriously enough.. people who may not be overweight can still be very unhealthy.. That is because there are two kinds of fat in the body the obvious fat and the fat that is located in amongst your organs which is deadly. The fat that is found in amongst your organs can mean that someone looks healthy when they are not. What you eat therefore is very important because even if you eat the recommended daily amount of calories and nothing above it you can still be filling your body with this deadly fat and not gain weight this is because junk food is full of harmful fats and saturated fats and also empty calories that offer zero nutrition at all.

Eating healthy is simple and can easily save your life even if you dont realize you are unhealthy or not.

For the Japanese readers


Where to buy insoles

Iv been looking recently for some good insoles to buy.. my feet hurt ya see and iv been stuck because I carnt go buying some insoles that cost £50 because a) im not rich and b) im not mad... but all the cheap online sellers just about that I find online seem dodgy.

There are tons of scammers from other countries who can not even speak good english... well canrt even speak English at all. I actually once bought some insoles a few years back which actually really messed up my feet compltly.. I bought them figuring they would make things better but they just made my shoes really tight and gave me really bad blisters...... that why it is important to buy some good ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are many shops online which sell insoles but many of which are just run by 1 person who is not a medical professional and has just set up a website on the side of a ebay business.. Many of these website shops aren't owned by real company's so you really don't have any guarantees that your order will arrive and that you will be able to return the insoles if they do not fit or are to uncomfortable.
You need good quality insoles otherwise they can do more harm than good. A good pair of insoles need not be expensive but they do need to have arch supports and other features.. I eventually found that the best place where to buy some good and affordable insoles is nuovahealth...
The insoles and orthotics nuovahealth offers are of the finest quality and the most comfortable insoles and the very best healthcare products which only improve your life and unlike many fake sellers out their wont leave you with just regrets and a empty wallet.

Nuovahealth like i said have a wide selection of other products except for insoles including shoe heel lifts which help you increase your height and they even sell arthritis gloves to help ease the pain and symptoms associated with arthritis in the hands....... if you small then these things do come in handy!

*So far from nuovahealth i have bought some orthotic insoles form them and some shoe heel lifts too which both work really well and i have no complaints whatsoever.

Visit Nuovahealth

Right im eneding this post here because iv rambled on and it starting to even bore me now... let alone you guys who are reading this.

Democracy does it really exist?

Democracy does it really exist? Democracy brings free market to the world but is this really a good thing after all there are a lot of evil people and greedy people who are in the world? Surely we cannot expect them not to step on the smaller guys? And i am right this is the case democracy brings capitalism capitalism is the root of evil as far as i am concerned. Capitalism brings out human kinda worse traits, disunites people and shows greed for what it really is. The thing is the rich want to protect their wealth and will feed the rest of us lies... Communism now has bad connotations to it.. like it is the opposite of freedom but capitalism is the opposite of freedom when everyone is poor and the only people who are rich are the elite and government.
This is all true and hope this gives you something to think about like


Freedom should not be something you earn but something that you are born with.



 Life is a puzzle the rich have made to protect themselves from the poor

How do you grow taller is it even possible

Yes you can grow taller .. it is possible. No longer will you struggle to reach p for something at the top shelf or ask someone else to change a light bulb because you cannot reach. Did I say you can grow taller.. no sorry what i meant was you can get taller.. growing taller is impossible sorry.
It may not be possible to actually grow taller when you are older for the simple reaosn that growth plated fuse together wich makes this impossible.. but hope shouldnt be lost because of this one reason you can still get taller. How?

Shoe Heel lifts
Shoe Heel lifts worn by most celebs and stars to enhance their own image and make the public believe that they are much taller than they are in reality.. Heel lifts mean celebs dont have to stand on boxes when filming a movie or giving aaward speech.. Some shoe heel lifts have been around for quite some time.. a hundred years to be exact.. but they havnt been used for height gain all this time they have instead been used for something quite different to correct leg length discprepancys.

This means that because shoe heel lifts have a medical background means they are safe to use and dont cause any discomfort or damage to the feet when worn which cannot be said for high heels.

Comfortable to wear with orthotic added in to them a good pair of shoe heel lifts which are available here can make all the difference to you height not to mention your self esteem to will be boosted hopefully! For just under £10 you too can be tall isnt that the bargain of the century am i right or am i wrong?

People in japan all ways say:


To be tall brings power and money.

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