Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The public are slaves

The public are virtually slaves to the elite rich who run society. Society is controlled by convention and social order... but how is this influenced? By culture and culture is mainly powered by the media... and who controls the media and information available on the internet the rich that's who.. And the way the are doing it makes it impossible for others to speak out and be heard. Monopoly's like google rules over the internet and on the tv subliminal messages are poured into the minds of the general public. It is destroying democracy if democracy really did exist in the first place which i doubt it... Democracy CREATES THE ILLUSION THAT YOU ARE WORKING FOR YOURSELF WHEN REALLY YOU ARE SIMPLY JUST WORKING FOR THE RICH. the economy is stagnant at the moment real economic wouldn't make this happen but because the economy id a fix to cement the wealth of the elite it means that instead of new business taking the places of old ones that are now going under its the opposite where old business stay in power and drag everything down with them until they have found a solution.. Doesn't sound very fair to me now does it.. Don't be fooled by the lie which is democracy and capitalism.

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