Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Why is it improtant to eat healthy

Junk food can do more damage than good.. but this is obviously a very well known fact but a fact that many do not take seriously enough.. people who may not be overweight can still be very unhealthy.. That is because there are two kinds of fat in the body the obvious fat and the fat that is located in amongst your organs which is deadly. The fat that is found in amongst your organs can mean that someone looks healthy when they are not. What you eat therefore is very important because even if you eat the recommended daily amount of calories and nothing above it you can still be filling your body with this deadly fat and not gain weight this is because junk food is full of harmful fats and saturated fats and also empty calories that offer zero nutrition at all.

Eating healthy is simple and can easily save your life even if you dont realize you are unhealthy or not.

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