Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Democracy does it really exist?

Democracy does it really exist? Democracy brings free market to the world but is this really a good thing after all there are a lot of evil people and greedy people who are in the world? Surely we cannot expect them not to step on the smaller guys? And i am right this is the case democracy brings capitalism capitalism is the root of evil as far as i am concerned. Capitalism brings out human kinda worse traits, disunites people and shows greed for what it really is. The thing is the rich want to protect their wealth and will feed the rest of us lies... Communism now has bad connotations to it.. like it is the opposite of freedom but capitalism is the opposite of freedom when everyone is poor and the only people who are rich are the elite and government.
This is all true and hope this gives you something to think about like


Freedom should not be something you earn but something that you are born with.



 Life is a puzzle the rich have made to protect themselves from the poor

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